The pier. A walkway into the Irish Sea. Extending the land that we have. The water lapping up an invitation. A give and take. A balancing act.


1982. Friday February 12. Aberystwyth, Wales.


The Ceredigion coroner recorded “Drowning by misadventure”. 

He hoped the incident would “serve as a deterrent and a warning to ohers”.

Yet in Aberystwyth, the incident is unbeknownst to all, bar the University of Aberystwyth’s Property Services Supervisor Paul Evans. 

An original memorial tree on the University’s Penglais campus has been lost in the woods, moved downslope to make way for a car park at the International Politics building. The memory of Adrian now resides in three birch trees subsequently purchased by Adrian’s father.  

They stand quietly in the breeze and are numbered: 1976, 0042 and 0043.